Examples of writing by John S. Niles

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Short Essays

Transportation Choices background paper for Meeting of the Minds Conference, Portland, Oregon, 2008

Road Pricing background paper for Meeting of the Minds Conference, Portland, Oregon, 2008

"Cost Exceeds Benefits in Sound Transit�s Light Rail Expansion," Policy Note published by Washington Policy Center, July 2007

"Sound Transit Light Rail Should be Rated 'Not Recommended,'" Policy Note published by Washington Policy Center, September 2003

Telecommuting and the Family and Medical Leave Act, prepared testimony for the Congressional Roundtable on the Tenth Anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC February 5, 2003

"Fighting Traffic Congestion with Traffic Operations Management" an op-ed in The Seattle Times, 2001

"Telematics Opens Up West", op-ed in Denver Post, 1989

Long Essays

"Travel Value Pricing: Better Traffic Operations Management and New Revenue for the Puget Sound Region," for a November 2003 conference presented by Cascadia Center of Discovery Institute

"Report to Congress on the Seattle Link Light Rail Project," prepared for CETA, Coalition for Effective Transportation Alternatives, May 2003

"Technology and Transportation: The Dynamic Relationship," a paper published by Discovery Institute, Seattle, 2001

"Identifying Uncertainties in Forecasts of Travel Demand," a working paper, 2001

"Adding Telecommunications to the Planning Mix: Modifying and Tuning Smart Growth," a speech presented at the Cascadia Pacific - Heartland Forum, Bellingham, Washington, April 29, 1999

"Market Dynamics and Nonwork Travel Patterns: Obstacles to Transit-Oriented Development?" Prepared for the January 1999 Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC. 

"Measuring the Success of Transit-Oriented Development: Retail Market Dynamics and Other Key Determinants," prepared for the April, 1999 National Conference of the American Planning Association in Seattle


"Telecommunications' Big Idea" in New Telecom Quarterly, November, 1998

"Information Infrastructure: No Easy Road to Sustainable Development" a paper in New Telecom Quarterly based on a talk at the Ties That Bind Conference, sponsored by Apple Computer and The Morino Institute, Cupertino, California, May 1995

"Telecommunications: Tying It All Together," a speech for the Florida Governor's Conference on World Trade & Enterprise Florida, Orlando, May 1992

"IVHS Technology for Improving Ridesharing," a paper prepared for the 1992 Annual Meeting of the Intelligent Vehicle Highway System of America, Newport Beach, California, May 1992

"Telecommuting and Economic Development," a speech presented at a University of California Transportation Policy Conference, Irvine, July 1991

"The Role of Industrial Engineers in State and Local Government Cutback Management," American Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, November 1982.

Books and book-length reports

From Buses to BRT: Case Studies of Incremental BRT Projects in North America,  sponsored and issued by Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose State University, 2010

Trucks, Traffic, and Timely Transport: A Regional Freight Logistics Profile, sponsored and issued by Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose State University, 2003 

Southern California Telecommunications Deployment Strategy, a report published by Southern California Association of Governments, 1996

Beyond Telecommuting, a report published by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy, 1994

Advanced Telecommunications for Economic Development in Washington State, Economic Development Commission, 1989

The New Management, McGraw Hill, 1976 (co-authored with William H. Gruber)



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