Layers of Telecommunications:
A Wheat Farmer's View

The Wheat Farmer Thinks About: Telecom Planners Think About:
7. People buying and eating bread, cookies, pasta

Electronic commerce, e-mail, video conferencing, telephone service packages, distance learning, telemedicine
6. Warehouses, trucks, and stores to move baked goods and pasta from production to the consumer Voice and data transport
5. Factory kitchens and bakeries making bread, cookies, pasta Multiplexing, circuit switching, and packet switching equipment
4. Wheat by the ton in silos Raw bandwidth
3. Machinery and people for harvesting, husking, and storing wheat SONET and other electronic equipment that "lights up" fiber optics and "powers up" antennas.
2. Acres of waving wheat Fiber optic and copper cable, microwave dishes, wireless service antennas
1. Soil, seeds, water, fertilizer Sand and copper

Adapted from an overhead designed by Kevin Taylor of U S WEST Communications titled "Telecommunications: A Dairy Farmer's View."