Virtual Briefing Book for the El Pomar Forum, November 19-20, 1997
"Wired Communities, Smart States: Is Digital Infrastructure the New Public Works?"

(Hot Links to Information on Government Telecommunications Networks)

Final report from Global Telematics (1998)

Final Agenda

Featured Links since the Forum

John Niles' presentation on government networks to FARNET annual meeting

Infrastructure inventory from FARNET

List of local governments building their own networks

Lusk Wyoming totally wired (USA Today)

Lusk Wyoming reconsidered

Minneapolis Star Tribune on State of Minnesota fiber network

Featured Links for the Forum (Iowa Communications Network) (State of Utah RFP for a network) (Oregon Business Journal on Oregon frame relay network)

NYTimes on government telecom networks (New York Times, "Some Local Cheers for Creeping Socialism" (title of print version) 10/4/97) (Tacoma News Tribune story on Tacoma network) Competition's Competitor by Steve Rivkin in May, 1997 Wired (Press release on IGC Telecom deal with City of Burbank, CA) (LA Times story on municipal networks) (CalTax municipalization analysis)

Other Useful Links

ABAG Telecomm Network

Burbank Fiber Optic Project

City of Burbank Fiber Optic Business Plan

ICG Telecom deal with City of LA

ICG Telecom deal with Alameda

City of Anaheim telecommunications

Telecom Committee of California Municipal Utilities Association

Attorney Neil J. Lehto's hot links

National Association of Counties on Telecom Act

Center for Technology in Government Homepage

Government Technology, March 97 - Cities Become Telecom Owners

Glasgow, KY wired city